From Us "2" You: Roman-2-Roman

Brianna Yang Co-Editor-in-Chief If you’re interesting in taking part in a mentoring program, then Roman-2-Roman wants you. The Roman-2-Roman program aims to, according to its mission statement, “provide a space for students to discuss their individual goals both academic and otherwise, support one another in their endeavors in and out of the classroom, and create strong, genuine relationships.” The program began at the beginning of the school year when Mr. Tebbens and Mr. Cronister “announced that they wanted to start a mentoring program and had an open meeting for ideas,” said junior Leah Peluchiwski, one of the founding members of Roman-2-Roman. “We tried to come up with a direction and mission statement for the program.” At the moment, the details of how the program will work are still unclear. “We want it to be something that the students control because we’re the people who will use it. We want it to be an opportunity to start conversations and build community,” said Leah. Right now, the plan is for the mentoring to take place between older and younger students in the upper school, although the program might move down to the middle and lower schools later. If you want to get involved with Roman-2-Roman, email Mr. Tebbens or Mr. Cronister.  ]]>