Halloween: Overrated?

Zara Khan Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.58.47 PM

Sometimes it seems to us that high schoolers are the majority at Latin, and most of us really don’t know or understand other events occurring in different parts of our school. We are so immersed in countless assignments, tests and deadlines that we sometimes forget what it is like to be a kid. For us, most holidays and special events are spoiled by all the commitments we have and countless things which need to be completed. This Halloween was as similar to most students as any other day at Latin. Normal classes took place, tests and quizzes were given and essays were due. However, in another part of our school kids enjoyed a fun and well deserved day of celebration. On Friday, the lower school students had a huge halloween party and parade where onlookers could marvel at students costumes while they walked around their gym.

Kids came to school at the normal time dressed in their creative ensemble of costumes. The costumes ranged from Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent to Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Classes were held until lunch, and after each class had its own Halloween party. The parties included fun games, scary movies and lots of candy. After each class marched around the gym to show parents and friends all the cool costumes they were wearing. Third grader Sara Khan described the Halloween parade as “something that was really fun, because I liked seeing all the different costumes. It was cool to see the whole school together, dressed up.” After the party, most of the kids left school to go trick-or-treating.

But, this year, Halloween trick or treaters were faced with ridiculously low temperatures and lots of hail which pelted intermittenly throughout the night. Yet, in the face of all this bad weather, kids still knocked on people’s doors asking for candy. And, bad weather didn’t seem to dampen spirits: children were still as excited and happy as ever to be celebrating Halloween. The joy and excitement many children felt showed how much this holiday means to so many kids and how Halloween is still a major holiday for children all around the US.

Now, most of us are too old to go trick or treating. Simple fun times like these may seem like a lifetime ago for many of us, but this Halloween celebration is something kids have been expecting and looking forward to all year.  Halloween may mean something different to lots of different age groups, but it can inspire us to bring out the inner kid we all have and to appreciate all the kids who still love and celebrate the holiday.