1904004_787803061261362_7675468037268423962_n Chris Maurice

Latin and pop culture may be two words that fit perfectly together, or not so much. But recently Latin has been getting lots of attention—or more than usual—nationwide. From Mindy Kaling tweeting about two Latin alums, to the show Chicago Fire on NBC.

On October 27th, Mindy Kaling, star of her self-titled show, The Mindy Project, tweeted a picture of two Latin alums. The two were Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen from the class of 1995 and current writers on the show; the tweet was about their upcoming stint as directors of an upcoming episode of The Mindy Project. Mindy also made sure to include a #latin and a #‎nancyreagenwentthere‬ in her post. I’m not sure the rest of the world understands what that means, but all of us here sure do and that is all that matters. Latin was also mentioned in an episode of Chicago Fire two weeks ago. Though the school was not set on fire, nor required the need of aid from the fire and ambulance rescue team on the show, one of the characters kids attended our school. Pretty cool! Though only a brief mention, our school’s name was still broadcasted nationwide. Who knows, maybe the cast and crew will show up on our steps looking to film inside our school? And if they do, all I have to say is this: good thing we got our lobby renovated.  ]]>