Gallery Who?

By Lauren Salzman


When people think of the prestigious Latin School of Chicago, they might think of the new science center, people who write math equations until their hands go numb, or a bunch of kids who speak Latin all day. What they might not know is that inside the red-bricked building, there is a thriving artistic society. The art program is one of Latin’s crown jewels, training future artists and photographers and providing an education in art for all students who pass through the doors.

The artists at Latin express their modern take on the changing world around them through photography, prints, drawing, sculpture, and paintings.

Nearly everyone affiliated with the Latin School community knows of Gallery Two (otherwise known as the big empty space with art on the walls on the second floor). These walls have housed the artwork of art teacher Betty Lark Ross and alums like Nathan Goldberg and the world-famous artist Claus Oldenburg. But because of the renovations to the upper school, the staircase does not lead straight into Gallery Two as it did before. The only thing that you see as you ascend to the ever-daunting freshman hallway is the snowy white walls of the new stairwell. So what does this mean for Gallery Two?

Derrick Haverland, an upper school art teacher said, “It’s still an area to pass through, and students are still very welcome, but they just might have to work a little bit harder.” As a result, in order to have more visitors, the exhibits in Gallery Two will have to be better publicized in order to drive traffic to the area. It’s not as easy as simply walking up the stairs anymore.

There are certainly some positives to the “new” gallery. For instance, it is more private and art-centered. When there are exhibits, they will be more personal and intimate, which will make the artist feel more appreciated and create a unique, focused setting. Also, there is a proposal to put in a digital monitor for artists can share a different medium of art–the high school digital video class could display their pieces there.

Our school would not be what it is today without art, so let’s all make an effort to enjoy and admire the artwork that is put on display. Next time you have a free period or just need to relax for a second, put down your phones and head over to Gallery Two. Who knows, maybe you will discover that you want to pursue photography or printmaking. Don’t worry, your Facebook status can wait.