Willkommen in Amerika: The German Exchange Students

By Tanya Calvin

One of the best things about Project Week is that it often doesn’t end when we come back to school after break. For those who went to Berlin this past spring, this was certainly true. Students from the Georg-Herwegh-Oberschule school in Germany stayed with Latin students and alumni for about a week and got the full-on Chicago experience. From eating chicken and waffles to touring Pilsen, there’s not much they missed. Tracy Coleman, senior Miya Coleman’s dad, took the students on a tour of Bronzeville so they could venture beyond the boundaries of Lincoln Park.

We have something to learn from their trip, as well. Nearly all the students described Latin as a place with “more opportunities” and a “relaxed atmosphere.” To them, our student teacher relationships seemed friendlier than those at their school in Germany. It’s great to be reminded that we have such a great faculty on our side. They also noted how modern Latin is, from the new and improved lobby to the technological resources all over the school.

I hope our German guests enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed them. Many of them said their favorite part of the trip was seeing the skyline at night as they left our killer Homecoming venue, and now that I think of it, that’s my favorite part of the city, too.

Our generation is so easily connected with people living across the globe, and this exchange was an even greater privilege. Getting to know them was about more than learning a few words in German. We got some insight to how our American mentality is so different from theirs and, perhaps more importantly, how they’re the same. Be sure to hit up our new friends on Facebook or Twitter and keep the learning going.  ]]>