The Street

Collette Block, Micaela Berz As some of you may know, The Street took some time off last year- so much time off that many of you may have thought that we were no longer streeting. Obviously, you all missed us terribly, but good news for you: we’re back! For those of you who don’t know, The Street is a club designed to feature our fashionable community here at Latin. We encourage self-expression by celebrating personal style, and our goal is to feature as many of our fashionistas as we can. We hope to see every one of you striking a pose in our column. Unfortunately, our small team isn’t always there to snap a pic of those hip new Nikes or that one-of-a-kind, vintage jean jacket, so we would love your photos. If your friend is really killing it or that freshman in your French class looks on point, whip out those iPhones and send us your pictures! Our goal is to celebrate our community and our freedom to express ourselves through clothes. Though we can’t encourage breaking dress code, try stepping out of the box every once and a while and strut your inner Street! Get ready Latin: The Street has been repaved! xo Collette & Micaela Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook! @the_street_lsoc What better way to start off the year than in your cutest new digs? Below are just some of the many back-to-school looks we’ve seen and loved! unnamed-4 Eleanor Ruscitti, Grade 10 unnamed-2 Kate Guynn, Grade 12 unnamed Alexis Bolandhemat, Grade 12 unnamed AJ Marcus, Grade 12 unnamed-1 Audrey Stiffle & Eden Pritikin, Grade 12 unnamed-5 Gaby Keiderling, Grade 11 unnamed-2 Gianna Miller, Grade 12 unnamed-1 Johnny Buchanan, Grade 12 unnamed-3 Isabella Norris, Grade 11 unnamed-3 Winona Koldyke, Grade 12]]>