AP Stat: Does The Spirit Really Stick?

Winslow Ziv & Steven Grotewold From the first day of school, we knew this year was going to be centered on spirit. This was apparent when every student was given a Latin Boathouse jacket, and we were constantly reminded that this was the 125th anniversary of Latin; we had the whole school pile into the numbers 125 and even experienced the wonders of Latinpalooza. This was the guiding force behind wanting to test how much of this spirit was actually sticking with Latin students. So we devised a plan to survey a random sample of students from each grade in the high school and see how many of them actually dress for Spirit Fridays.

We created a survey to ask whether the student was wearing orange and blue on an unannounced Friday. The survey then had a follow up question for those who were wearing orange and blue which asked if they dressed up because of Spirit Friday. After surveying four randomly chosen advisories, all the data was compiled and we found that out of the 35 sampled students, 11 wore orange and blue. Based on our data, we are 90% confident that 31.5% of students (± 12.5%) wore the school colors on that particular Friday. We’re 90% confident that 14% (± 10%) of students wore orange and blue because of spirit Friday. We believe that since less than half of the students who dressed in orange and blue said it was for Spirit Friday, there might be a subconscious inclination to dress in orange and blue just because it has become a habit. This may be due to our school’s intense effort towards promoting school spirit or it could just come from the students’ own subconscious desire to show off Latin’s colors.