Overheard at Latin: Part Two

Nydia Monroy Has there ever been a time when you happen to overhear the strangest conversation and think: hey, maybe I can write this down? This article is a compilation of some of those odd conversations (taken out of context) heard throughout Latin’s classrooms and hallways. Enjoy!   Student 1: “Did you win?” Student 2: “We beat them in a negative fashion.”   “That’s so communist.”   “Thank God for trees.”   Teacher: “Did you do read the reading?” Student 1: “Yeah.” Teacher: “See [she] would never lie to me.” Student 2: “What if she just did?” *Teacher stares back at Student 1*   “Global Ethics didn’t teach you how to lie, it taught you how to justify your lies.”   *Student hugs teacher* Teacher: “This is a one-way hug.”   *That one day it was really foggy outside* Teacher: Is [she] even here? Is she smoking behind the dumpsters again? *Student 1 walks in* *Student 2 points at window* “Is that why it’s so foggy out.” Student 1: You know me so well.   “My fake puppy doesn’t like me.”   *Talking about strategy for upcoming assassin game* “I think I’ll just hide in my locker.”   “I don’t understand this whole tumblr thing, it’s confusing me.”   “She’s my spirit animal.”   “I agree with the fact that you agree with me.”   *Student talking about a previous assassin game confusion* “So this senior thought some other girl was me and attacked her with a sharpie and I was just sitting there like…”  ]]>