Overheard at Latin: Fourth Quarter

It’s happened to everyone at some point or another: rushing to your next class, washing your hands, or just sitting by your locker. Someone’s interesting choice of words reach your ears and you’re left distracted and unprepared to hear what follows. I had heard a lot of these interesting comments so I decided to compile them into a long list of irregular remarks. Below is a series of quotes overheard by students at Latin, so enjoy and have an amazing fourth quarter!

“Those are some sweet pants there.”

“Pamela bought fish during her free.”

*During Project week, when everyone seemed to be getting attacked by green plants*

“Nadja’s words of wisdom: Don’t touch anything green except money.”


“You smell fruity.”


“This entire time I’ve secretly been a CIA agent and already know everything.”


Student 1:“So how old is your brother?”

Student 2:“Two….. three. Maybe six by now.”


“You need to make a Chemistry textbook. Your explanation on diluting: Add some water to that thing!”


Student 1:“What kind of calculator is it?”

Student 2: “The nice kind.”

Student 3:“Can I buy it off you?!”


“Are you guys leaving?

Let me grab my sock.

Wait, I meant stuff.”


“He makes you good.”


*After a long explanation of how we can never know if something is 100% right and people’s perception*

“So then what’s the point of Geometry?”


“No, seriously.”


Student 1:“Pig-tail girl was good last year.”

Student 2:“The girl with bangs was too.”

Student 1:“No, pig-tail girl is the one with bangs.”


Student 1: “Um, I think I have a bloody nose.”

Student 2: “You think?”


*Teacher gives a trick question in French*

Teacher: “Do you think I’m a boring teacher?”

*Student doesn’t understand question and responds*

Student: “From time to time.”