Running Romans Update

Sophia Lancaster

We hope you haven’t forgotten about us. And by we, I mean arguably the best and most successful sport at Latin. And if you still haven’t figured out who I’m talking about yet, I’m disappointed but happy to inform you that it’s your running Romans!  With basketball in full swing you get accustomed to putting on your jersey and going into a sweaty gym to watch some guys or girls run back and forth for four quarters. However, while you are all inside I’d like to point out that we runners are putting on our parkas (not really, though, because that’d be hard to run in) and bracing the lovely weather we have had as of recently. By lovely, I mean a polar vortex and torrential downpour.

That said, we’re determined after a successful cross country season to do the same in track, and the amount of Romans I see out on the icy path on a daily basis is motivating. Aidan Sarazen is frequently spotted by the underpass at Barry, Maddie McArdle as far as Irving, Jacob Silverman coming back from what I presumed was a long run to Hollywood, and Abigail Nadler on her way home by the Lincoln Park Zoo. If you have no idea of the location of these places, odds are you’re not a runner.  However if you’re not planning on participating in track in the spring (which might even put you in a minority at the school), then we encourage you to look forward to the season and brace yourselves for riveting announcements and exciting victories (fingers crossed)!

Even though it can be boring watching people place one foot in front of the other for prolonged periods of time, we runners love it! We are truly a dedicated pack of people who really want to exceed at their craft, just like the majority of sports teams here. So if you feel like you have the back to school blues, look forward to better weather ahead in the spring accompanied by your running Romans.]]>