Getting In: It's Not Just About Seniors

Gaby Keiderling Admissions season is here again, and the excitement is not just hitting the senior class—Latin’s own admissions office is swamped with work, deciding who will become the next generation of Latin.  Each year, Latin selects approximately 40-45 new students to join the 9th grade.  The admissions process is essential to Latin’s success.  Faced with stressful nights and burdening decisions, the Admissions Office works hard to create a stellar freshman class; this process might not be perfect, but it certainly produces successful results. Over the years, little has changed with the process.  An important factor in the acceptance decision is the students’ character, but the admissions office also likes to get to know the family before accepting a student.  There are meetings with the parents, as well as an interview with the student during their shadow day, not to mention the ISEE test, which is a high school version of the SAT or ACT, grades, and teacher recommendations that play a large factor in the acceptance of a student as well.  Latin wants to get to know the students that will become the future of the school.  As head of admissions, Frankie Brown says, “It’s a very holistic process”. Latin prides itself on diversity, an aspect that the admissions office greatly considers when selecting the future students.  Frankie Brown speaks to the fact that the public schools draw from different zip codes, but Latin likes to come across diversity naturally; she says that we “build diversity” and to do that we have to enlarge our community all over Chicago.  If you’ve seen the bus ads for the 125th anniversary, then you’ve already seen an example of Latin’s community grow. As for future plans for the admissions office?  Rumors are flying of a new position that may be opening up—admissions director for diversity.  There is not much information available on the position at the moment, but it’s definitely in consideration for the future.  The creation of a new position would obviously be a significant change to an admissions office that has not experienced much change in past years, hopefully a change that helps Latin’s admission process grow. When those acceptance letters come out, keep in mind that they are the result of much contemplation; they hold the promise of the next generation of Latin students, a generation that we can expect to continue to advance Latin’s outstanding atmosphere.]]>