A Chance at Greatness

Lucy Limanowski

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 27, the Riviera Theatre had a returning Chicagoan give everyone a night to remember. As you may have guessed, he is called Chance The Rapper. The rapper and singer-songwriter grew up on the South side of Chicago, and was born under the name Chancelor Bennet. He attended the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School until he dropped out and spent the rest of his high school days at the Jones College Prep High School. Originally interested in soul and jazz, he released his first mix tape “10 Day,” which was the kickoff to his success.

On the date of his first appearance on stage this month, Chance’s set list contained songs from his albums “10 Day” and “Acidrap.” During the concert, a few other close friends of Chance made short appearances, like Vic Mensa and several members of Kids These Days. After his dynamic solo opening, the crowd was ecstatic.

Towards the end of the concert, when he broke out in his song “Everybody’s Something,” where his old soul music resurfaced, along with flashbacks to the days where he grew up, which consisted of streets flooded with gang violence and crime. This vibe was led into his song “Lost,” where we really got to hear Chance’s mix of rap and gospel. As the night ended, Chance spread the Chicago love by, according to his Twitter, hitting up Chicago night clubs. As many witnesses of the night have posted and talked about all over the social media, the night was a success and something to remember. Moreover, Chance wrapped up the holiday weekend with another concert on Friday, 29th, and future tour dates in Chicago are still undetermined.

If you enjoy Chance The Rapper, he is available through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or through his website www.chanceraps.com. As readers of this article, if you have any requests and/or recommendations for future concerts, please comment below or contact me, as I would love to hear your preferences.]]>