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Organized Fight Club

Patrick Jamal Elliott

There are many great clubs at Latin. One new club requires lightning quick thinkers as well as great communicators. This new club is the Organized Fight Club (OFC), commonly known as the debate club. I am one of the co-heads of the club and want to share information about the club and our plans for this school year. The other co-heads of the club are sophomores Bryce Tuttle, Lila Patinkin, and Gaby Keiderling.

The club idea started as two different clubs; Lila and Gaby wanted to start a debate club while Bryce and I did as well. Without knowing the other group’s ideas each pair went to speak to Mrs. Stephens for faculty backing. Mrs. Stephens told us we should just combine our proposals. Eventually the four of us sat down and realized our club ideas were practically the same, and soon the club was born.

In debate club we strive to teach our members how to make organized and thoughtful arguments. We want to show the proper way to “fight” with words, hence the name Organized Fight Club. With our own personal experience and training in debate we hope to teach other students proper debate etiquette. Once applying the actual foundation of debating, the debates are sure to run smoother.

One impromptu debate we had involved the pros and cons of dress codes at school. The most important factor of debating is to be able to argue any side. To enforce this, the other co-heads and myself had the members split into groups based on their actual opinion on dress codes; after establishing where they stood on the topic we made them argue the opposite. This was one of our first debates and it helped establish the true art form of debating.

Our plans for this club are pretty high. Soon we will start debating current events, as well as other miscellaneous topics.  By doing this we hope to appeal to every kind of teenager; from those who watch CNN everyday to those who know all there is to know about pop culture. The main idea is that any and every topic can be debated. Once the club gets more established in the school we hope to have an end of the year debate on stage during a gathering.

This debate club is within our school only. For those who are looking to debate against other schools I recommend considering JSA. People that like debating should really join both clubs. Each have great things to offer to those who like to voice their opinion. The best part is that our schedules do not conflict with one another. For more information on JSA you can talk to senior Nicky Azar. .

Organized Fight Club (OFC) does not meet during clubs block. Due to so many amazing clubs during the allotted hour it’s hard to solicit people’s time. So as of now we will meet on Day 6 at 7:45 am.

From all of the co-heads we hope you take interest in our club and join OFC. If you have any questions about the club feel free to email us. I manage the emails for the club and I can be reached at [email protected].


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