Sunny Temptation

Nydia Monroy Admit it, you have found yourself staring out the window during class. You’ve watched as a fire truck passed by, the waves crashed against the shore, or maybe you’ve just thought about how you’ll have to squeeze both finishing last night’s homework and going for Starbucks into your free block. Whatever the case, you couldn’t possibly ignore the fact that the sky was painted the most vivid blue, and the sun was up and actually, from where you were sitting, blinding you a little. People in Miami, Phoenix, and so on can expect such gorgeous weather on a regular basis, but Chicago? We went from rainy 40-degree weather to hot and sunny, better-go-pull-out my-Summer-clothes type of weather. So how could you not be fidgety during the last minutes of class? I mean it’s completely understandable. With Summer right around the corner, you can pretty much picture hanging out at the beach, days where the sun doesn’t set till late in the day, concerts with friends, and just two and a half months of freedom. Or if you’re anything like me, you’ll make those plans, go out for a week, run out of ideas, and spend the rest of the time sitting at home watching your cat chase the little red light. Just kidding… I don’t have a cat. But anyway, sitting in class while the weather outside is beyond perfect and the sun is shining and you know Summer means yet another season of Baby Daddy (a definite must-watch guys, like seriously it’s what will be keeping me alive while I wait for the Walking Dead to start again in the Fall). And there goes the answer to the question you didn’t get from last night’s assignment, great. Sorry, but having a window seat is going to be the death of me during 80 degree days, when I wish I was a lower school student, running around in the park across the street. So here are a few things I’ve figured out are must-do’s when it’s May and the weather makes you feel, well, like you should be outside. 1.     Don’t sit by the window. You probably just got rid of half the problem with this step alone. Too much temptation. So just don’t. Restrain from it, whether it’s your usual seat or not. Be strong. 2.      Did you consider that we practically have about a week, maybe less left of school? Control yourself, the hot weather isn’t going anywhere, it’ll be there when school is over… or so we hope. 3.     FINALS. Concentrate instead of looking out at the cloudless sky. The sun is up, maybe it will shine down a ray of light to your exact desk during a test, now that would be the holy grail of test taking motivation. 4.     As soon as you’re done with your last class/test of the day go for a run. Go get that frappuccino or frozen yogurt you were craving during the day. You waited, put it to the side, and kept yourself on task, now got get it– you deserve that cold deliciousness. 5.     Speaking of cold, you know ice-cold water is allowed in class right? Bring it. If you can sneak by with another favorite beverage, eh go for it. 6.   You could be Jessica Mora, 9th grader. Who said she preferred staying cool and comfortable in an air-conditioned building during this hot weather, and afterward I thought to myself…  Why didn’t I think of that? Then none of the above would apply, and May is probably going amazingly for you so far. Maybe hot and sunny, gorgeous weather makes you want to run out the door the second class is over, but hang on there, Summer isn’t going anywhere.    ]]>