Latin Poetry Takes Facebook

Staff Writer One of Latin’s very own, Jiho Yun, is taking the world of poetry by storm as his online poetry club, the Latin Poetry Society, becomes more and more popular. I chatted with Jiho for a while as he told me about his club and what he hopes to achieve with it. For those of you who don’t know, Jiho recently created a group on Facebook titled, the Latin Poetry Society.  It’s mission, in Jiho’s words, is to “give students a place to express their love of poetry, and also give them the opportunity to receive feedback.” Jiho created the group because he wasn’t confident in his own poetry, and he wanted a place where he could reveal his work and get critique from his peers. Although his intentions for the society started with sharing and editing his own work, he has realized how many students love to write poetry, and what began as just a Facebook group has become so popular that now it’s a club-like association. “The fun part of this club is that we never meet during clubs block, so we can write poems anytime and anywhere,” Jiho added. Juniors such as Jack Gomberg, Jake Orlin, Affy Koungoulos are leading the project, and a few teachers will comment on student’s pieces. As Latin students continue to submit poems and engage in conversation, Jiho and his chums are busy creating a formal blog for the club, so that the submitted poems, if approved by the authors, can go online for the world to see. Junior Jack Gomberg sincerely enjoys the club, and told me, “It’s a really great thing to see so many people sharing poetry. Something that usually indicates vulnerability is now being put out there and that’s pretty cool. Also, there have been some really great posts.” Obviously, Jiho’s creativity has made quite an impact on the Latin School. So go ahead and check out the Latin Poetry Society on Facebook, and keep writing!  ]]>