Scholastic Bowl Takes Sectionals!

Staff Writer While other Latin students were sleeping, six members of the scholastic bowl team, Mr. Legendre, and his son all headed down to Fenwick High School in Oak Park for the Masonic Sectionals Tournament.  Most of us were sleepy, but all were still studying. Following a brief introduction and Pledge of Allegiance, the teams were off to their first matches.  Even though Tom Kloehn had a correct answer in our first round against Riverside Brookfield High School, due to the moderator’s error, we lost the match. We bounced back, however, winning our next two rounds versus Whitney Young and Lisle High School.  We lost to Hinsdale Central, but in the last two questions in our round against Fenwick High School, we pulled ahead from a tie to win the match. During lunch, pizza was served, Stephen Legendre was put in a trashcan, and yours truly fell out of a chair.  Afterwards, we faced St. Ignatius in our first match between the final four.  Beating them, we were surprised to see not the Hinsdale Central, but the Glenbard East team entering the room for the final match.  Though initially losing by 40 points or so, the team was lucky to have Brian Lorenz pull them through some bonus questions, eventually bringing Latin to the lead.  From there, our team was unstoppable, eventually winning the final round by over a hundred points. The highlight of the round, though, was of course when the starting sub, yours truly, answered a toss-up correctly. I’m proud to say I now have more Masonic points than Josh Martin, who kept posting about his trip to Mexico in the team Facebook group. By winning that final round, we took first place overall, and will be advancing to state. The team will be going to the tournament in Springfield in just a couple of weeks, so wish any of the members luck! Shout out to Tom, Yinga, Brian, Peter, and Simon; you all did amazingly.  Also, to Mr. Legendre and Stephen- obviously we couldn’t have done it without either of you. Last but not least, to the Coberly family-thanks for coming out and supporting us!]]>