An Interview with Elliot Han, the Roman Who Made the “Han”ukkah Miracle

The Interview: BQ                         “When Latin gained possession in the final 30 seconds, was there a specific play you guys planned on running?” EH                        “Yeah. Usually during the last few seconds of each quarter, we’ll hold for one shot and run a play called “Wisconsin.” Ethan Lee and I were the ones expected to get the ball in this situation. We were both at our spots, and depending on which side the ball was taken to, one of us would get the ball.” BQ                        “While you were running down the court, did it look like the ball was definitely coming your way?” EH                        “I initially thought Chaz Stevenson was going to call for the ball, but he was being played very well and I knew someone had to step up. As the play unfolded, I was given the ball and I knew I would take the shot.” BQ                        “When you got possession, what was your strategy in order to get off the shot in the best manner?” EH                        “When I got the ball, I wanted to breakdown my defender a little bit to free myself up for a shot. Though in the process I sort of lost the ball and when I looked up at the clock there were only 2 seconds left, so eventually I had to force a shot over my defender.” BQ                        “How well did you thought you shot it after it came out of your hands?” EH                        “It probably looked like an ugly shot to everyone in the stands, but when it came off my fingertips, the ball was right in line with the basket and had good arch. It looked and felt pretty good when I took the shot. I had a slight feeling it would go long, but luckily it swished in at the buzzer.” BQ                        “When it did go in, and the crowd stormed the court, how did it feel?” EH                        “Oh, I was ecstatic when I hit the shot and more importantly that I won the game for the team. I ran to the middle of the court after the shot and I saw all my teammates running at me, jumping up and down. Next thing you know, the crowd charges the floor and I end up on the ground with fans and teammates on top of me. It was a great ending to the game. We got the win, but we definitely could have beaten Parker by more than two points.” BQ                        “Where does this rank on your list of personal best athletic moments?” EH                        “This is up there for sure and probably the most memorable athletic moment I’ve had at Latin so far. Next week don’t expect another two-point victory against Parker. Expect a strong performance by the Romans and a win in a very convincing fashion…. guaranteed.” A few more reactions to the “Han”ukkah Miracle from a few of the witnesses on-hand at McGrath Arena that night: David Vandermeulen (Men’s Varsity Coach) “Not the way we planned it but we’ll take it!  YES!!!!!!!!!” Andrew Kaplan (Class of ’10) “Dangles.” Jen Goldberg (Class of ’10) “When Elliot hit that shot I didn’t know what to do. It was like we were in that Disney movie Full Court Miracle!” Ethan Lee (Varsity Player, Class of ’12) “I should have taken that shot.”]]>