Movie Mayhem: What You Need to See Now

M.J. Porzenheim It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… oh, wait, no. It was just Thanksgiving. And we just had a break! I, of course, used that break sensibly — by watching movies. So here they are: 4 movies all Romans should rush to see while they’re still in theaters. First up, Lincoln. The big winter blockbuster. Anybody with an interest in United States History (cough Juniors cough) should go see it. While I frankly don’t remember enough US history to vouch for its historical accuracy, I spend a lot of time with the sort of people who like to nitpick that kind of thing, and none of them have complained so far. Anyway, I was on the edge of my seat worried about things I knew the outcome of already, so I’d call Lincoln a winner. If nothing else Joseph Gordon Levitt (#theactualreasonIwenttoLincoln) is his handsome self, and Day-Lewis is touching in his scenes alongside Gulliver McGrath, who plays Tad Lincoln, Honest Abe’s younger son. Next, Argo. I’m much more shallow than you would expect when it comes to movies, usually preferring comedies to drama, but Argo intersperses moments of comedy with intense drama and a climactic ending. Of course, you might want to think twice about how it portrays Iranians. But in the end the film has some highly amusing moments and some edge-of-your-seat ones as well, and I think it’s certainly worth the price of admission. How about Skyfall? Daniel Craig is believable, and Bond is relatable. As with any Bond movie, it’s a romp, and the new movie includes lots of nods to the old ones. Of course, with a few twists. For instance, Q has been… modified. I like the change. He’s niiice. And of course we get a peek into Bond’s past. We also have a really interesting new villain, who Javier Bardem does a good, creepy job with. And I do mean creepy. A warning: for this movie you will need all of your suspension of disbelief, and it will have to be in good working order- this is, after all, Bond. While Skyfall doesn’t pack quite the same punch as Lincoln, it might just be the most fun out in theatres right now. If you wanted to confirm that Jennifer Lawrence deserved her part in The Hunger Games despite possessing functioning thighs with muscle mass, then you might go see Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley Cooper does really well as a mentally unstable (but very relatable) guy, but Lawrence steals the show. And it is a good show. It deals with mentally ill characters without mystifying or devaluing them, and it takes mental illness seriously. Cooper is touching and Lawrence is magnetic, and they work very well together. The movie is unexpected and thought provoking, if perhaps less popular than any of the bigger movies. That’s all for now, folks. Anyone see any of these? Respond below! In the comments! We love comments!]]>