Does Beardvember Make the Cut?

Kaya Romeo Staff Writer No Shave November or Beardvember is highly popular but debated topic here at Latin. There are many opinions running the gambit from disgust to appreciation. Some like fashion minded Junior, Jacob Pharoah thinks that it’s nasty and that it “makes the male population look greasy and bad.” However, Beardvember participant Eugene Gorleku remarks “On the outside the beards may looks dirty and not well put together, but all of those participating in No Shave November understand the greater cause of bringing awareness to Testicular Cancer. We want the beards in November to have the same significance that pink has during the month of October. We want to start a movement!” This year, Men’s Alliance is emphasizing the real value of Beardvember, using it as a chance to bring awareness to the student body about men’s health. When asked about this Jacob Hirshman said,“We felt that people often do not think about men’s issues and we wanted to spread awareness about no shave November and in turn spread awareness about the issues that men face.” Therefore, this month’s scruff is extra special.  ]]>