Circus Maximus Chaos


Frank Schwichtenberg

Travis Scott performing in 2019

On January 3, I was lucky enough to attend Travis Scott’s “Circus Maximus” Tour at the United Center. Originally planned for December 15, 2023, the concert was postponed due to traveling artists. When the long awaited day finally arrived, I was ecstatic to be seeing one of my favorite artists in concert.

While fans were expecting Teezo Touchdown to open for Travis Scott, the show began with Don Toliver. He played all of his biggest songs, starting with “After Party” and “Too Many Nights,” and then went on to play some of his other hits, “Lemonade” and “No Idea.” While unexpected, Don Toliver’s energy was a fantastic way to start the show.

Travis Scott opened with “HYAENA,” which was electric. Nearly every audience member jumped out of their seat and began scream-singing along. With flashing lights and fire coming out of the stage, the energy was off the charts.

After “HYAENA” came “UTOPIA,” “THANK GOD,” and “MODERN JAM,” then an explanation for the delay of the concert. “It was like I was trapped,” he said. “They wouldn’t want to let me go.”

Throughout the night, the capturing visuals and wild effects continued, with one of the most memorable visuals being a terrifying doll that was displayed on the big screen during his performance of “I KNOW?”

Travis Scott played all the hits from “UTOPIA,” but one stuck out, probably because he played it 12 times. While some could argue that hearing “FE!N” 12 times is excessive, it never got old. The crowd continued to boom each time the artist shouted, “I’m fiening for more!” before each rendition.

Travis didn’t only play tracks from “UTOPIA,” though. He played many hits from his other albums including “SICKO MODE,” “goosebumps,” and “Antidote.” He also brought Don Toliver back on the stage to perform “CAN’T SAY” and a new, unreleased song titled “Bandit.”

Each song was filled with tremendous energy, and the crowd as a whole couldn’t have been more hype. While I wish that Travis played more of “Nightcrawler” and “3500,” there were no significant disappointments. He ended the show with “TELEKINESIS,” which I felt was an excellent choice to finish off the amazing concert experience.

Sophomore Drew Lufrano, who attended the show, said it was “absolutely breathtaking. Travis left me astounded.”

Similarly, sophomore Kiyan Alsikafi said, “Greatest night of my life. No question.”

During the show, I was sitting on the second level, but it must have been a completely different experience for those on the floor closest to the stage. Sophomore Gordon Granat said, “[It was] probably the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced, [and the] most fun I’ve ever had even though it was absolute chaos.”

So, was it worth the ticket (and the wait)? Yes, absolutely.

The visuals and flashing colors were mesmerizing, Travis Scott played all of his popular songs and most of his new songs, and the atmosphere in the crowd at the United Center that night was unmatched. And the chaos only made the night more enjoyable, creating an unforgettable concert experience.