Season OG: So Good, but Gone Too Quick


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Epic Games turned back the clock for their newest Fortnite season, Season OG, in early November.

Not only did this season bring back a wave of nostalgia and excitement, but it also attracted many players back to the game who had not played in years. According to @FortniteGame on X, the opening day of Season OG had over 44.7 million players, making it the most successful day in Fortnite history. It seemed as if everyone was excited to play again, and it was incredible to see the game as such a massive topic in the pop culture scene after the game seemingly dropped off. But in reality, was Season OG really that good?

The game felt much simpler than in past seasons, and overall, it played like the 2018 version. Not only did Epic Games bring back old items, but most of the changes came from removing items that were introduced into the game after Chapter 1. For example, there were no mythic or exotic items, no gold or Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and not a single new weapon, which made Season OG the best season in years. If this season proved one thing, it proved that simple is better. All it took was for Fortnite to go back to its roots, and the game was back in its prime form and peak player count.

Each week, a rebrand of a certain season from Chapter 1 was released. The first week was a modified version of Season 5, the second was Season 6, the third was Seasons 7 and 8, and the final week was Seasons 9 and Season X. Unfortunately, Season OG only lasted from November 3, 2023, to December 2, 2023. The system for Season OG is excellent, but it should absolutely last longer than a month, as it is a truly special season to those who miss the old feeling of Fortnite.

Other Fortnite enthusiasts and fellow Latin students feel the same way.

Sophomore Flynn Ogden said, “I loved it. I don’t think it was long enough, though. Personally, I think they should just add it back for good.”

Similarly, sophomore Wyatt Greenberg said, “I thought it was good, but I thought it could be a little bit longer.” Wyatt also noted that in the new season, Chapter 5, Season 1, “They made everything too complicated. OG Fortnite was just way more simple,” he said.

“The OG season was really fun, and I loved playing with my friends,” sophomore Gabby McDermott said. “I actually miss it because I got to experience the joy I felt when I was younger all over again.”

However, junior Henry Sohn found the new season unexciting. He said, “[I’m] fine with the new season, but the OG Season was much better and way more fun.”

Now that Fortnite has moved on to its next chapter—Chapter 5, Season 1—the OG season seems missed by nearly everyone who played it. The new chapter lost the sense of the game itself, as the movement is slow, the weapons are overpowered, and the game feels much more complicated than before.

However, in this new chapter, Fortnite has expanded their game exponentially outside of the traditional Battle Royale game mode. With the addition of new modes such as Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival, the game’s player count continues to rise, but not within the Battle Royale mode.

Fortunately for Season OG fans, Fortnite does plan to bring it back. Fortnite hinted on X that they would like to bring OG Fortnite back sometime in 2024. The 2023 OG Season was a massive success, and hopefully Fortnite uses the ideas from this OG Season for the next one.