Get Ready for LASO

Co Editor in Chief Latin has no shortage of clubs. So while some clubs have died since my freshman year—Juggling Club, 50 minute Dance Party—there is still a lot to participate in. And it is important to be aware of all the clubs Latin has to offer. LASO, Latin America Student Organization, has been greatly underrepresented over the past few years a Latin. During Clubs Fair, where LASO had a table, questions arose like, What’s LASO?             Does that club still exist?             Why is Martina [one of the sophomore co-heads] always so well dressed? So now the record is set straight. LASO is a club and they hope to do great things. The out of the four co-heads, the two seniors have strong visions about LASO’s future. Anel Vaca hopes that “more people will get involved, especially the freshman which is a class that has such a large group of minorities.” Like most affinity group clubs, LASO is not at all restrictive. “LASO is also open to those who are not Hispanic and want to learn more about the culture,” Anel continues. Besides aiming to raise money for scholarship funds, LASO hopes to share its perspective, culture, and identity. Co-Head Gaby Dago explains that, “during every meeting we focus on one Latin American country presenting a brief summary on their history, current events, and traditions.” Just last week the country was Colombia. Club members learned about the First Lady’s fight against drugs during the Reagan presidency while playing Juanes, Shakira and Bomba Estéreo, all famous Colombian artists. There are also rumors about LASO holding a Zumba night for the whole school. Gaby concludes by emphasizing, “We may not be loud yet, but we are definitely proud.”  ]]>