The Homecoming Hammering: Another Day, Another Victory


Spirited spectators at Latin’s homecoming soccer and field hockey games

Attendance was high at Latin’s Homecoming games on October 1 and October 2 this year, perhaps due to last year’s sorely lacking event schedule. In case you weren’t one of the spectators, here is a recap of how this year’s Homecoming unfolded:

On Friday, volleyball, swimming, and tennis competed. Freshman and JV girls volleyball were both victorious, beating Amundsen and Lake Forest Academy in two sets. For the varsity match, the gym walls were decorated with orange and blue stars, paper volleyballs, and signs, and it thundered with chants of encouragement for the Roman athletes. “It was great to have everyone back in the gym and cheering,” said senior captain Remy Rigby. “Seeing a crowd that loud and of that size was insane.”

Varsity girls volleyball lost in a close, tough match against Lake Forest Academy, the first set being 26-28, the second 25-22, and the third 20-25. “The girls played a really good Homecoming match last Friday,” said varsity coach Tim Falknor. “The team was led by the serving of freshman setter Kate Malaisrie, the defense of senior defense Remy Rigby, and offense of senior outside hitter Tobi Morrow.”

Down in the pool, varsity girls swimming won in their meet against Lakeview Academy. “Everyone swam great races,” said Catherine Hubbard, “We beat Lakeview 124 to 36.”

Over at the Waveland Tennis Courts, JV girls tennis was just shy of a doubles win but played excellently in their singles matches, beating Walter Payton in every one. JV captain Alanna Madry said, “It was great competition, and a fun challenge for our Homecoming match. All of the girls played super well and even though we didn’t end with a doubles win, we all supported each other and had a great time.”

But the competitions didn’t stop on Friday, as Saturday continued with a full day of soccer and field hockey at Montrose Turf against Francis Parker. Freshman boys soccer lost in a 0-1 battle, but both JV and varsity bounced back, winning 5-0 and 6-0 respectively. “We were super happy with the result. As a senior, I was also super happy ending my last ever high school home game on such a big win,” said Sam Gibson.

Both JV and varsity field hockey continued Latin’s winning streak with 2-1 wins. Varsity coach MacKenzie Mick said, “Our varsity field hockey Homecoming game was exhilarating! The girls played with grit, maturity, sportsmanship, and discipline.”

There were high tensions between Latin and Parker in anticipation of these games, with students at both schools engaging in friendly banter. The Latin community showed up to the field donning orange and blue attire and vibrant signs with slogans in support of the athletes. “The crowd was amazing and we definitely benefited from their energy,” said Sam.

Being cheered on by a crowd seemed to boost all athletes’ spirits as they played. Freshman Ellie Anderson said, “It felt great to be a Roman and see all the fellow athletes from the various teams cheering each other on!”

Overall, this weekend saw some great games, athletes, and most importantly, a lot of school spirit. “The energy was high,” said freshman Zoe Cartwright. “I had to compose myself while I was score boarding, but obviously, I had to cheer for Latin.”

With COVID consuming the greater part of last year, this tradition is one that students are glad to see again. “All of the seasons were messed up,” said junior Molly McKee. “Volleyball didn’t play until the end of the year, so we didn’t get a Homecoming game at all.”

And although the Homecoming weekend was filled to the brim with tough matches, fall sports are not over. There are still plenty of opportunities for the Latin community to support their athletes, so be sure to check out each team’s RomanNet page and fill your schedules with another round of excitement.