The Never-Ending Debate: Canvas vs. RomanNet


Picture of RomanNet login screen

Canvas will be the main platform used for all classes starting in the 2022-23 school year, and underclassmen already anticipate the stress the switch from RomanNet to Canvas may produce.

As of right now, teachers can decide whether to use Canvas or RomanNet, so students’ coursework may be split between the two platforms. Freshman Luca Presser said, “Canvas would be fine to use if all the classes were on it, but it’s overwhelming to navigate the two different platforms.”

Junior Emily Mendelson thinks that using both Canvas and RomanNet is more of a burden than only using one. “It would be easier and more beneficial for assignments to be posted all in the same place,” she said.

Latin’s Information Technology Director Kevin Harig clarified that next year, RomanNet will stay for scheduling, but Canvas will be used for academic courses. Therefore, directories, schedules, progress reports, and other specific features of RomanNet will still be available, but the assignments and class work pages will be moved to Canvas.

“Teacher feedback, technical capabilities, third-party interoperability, and other functionality such as the gradebook were all contributing factors to the switch,” he said.

Freshman Wyatt Parr is excited about next year’s switch to Canvas from RomanNet. “Canvas has an app that I can easily access on my phone, and for RomanNet, I have to go to a browser and type in my information,” Wyatt said.

While Wyatt is optimistic for this transition, Sophomore Belle Krueger is not. “RomanNet is easier to access, and Canvas has been glitchier than RomanNet,” Belle said.

Similar to Belle, freshman Ben Gibson isn’t excited for next year’s change of platforms. “I think it will be overwhelming to still have to use two different sites—one for academics and one for sports and extracurriculars,” Ben said.