Saying Goodbye to Ms. Cabral

Michael Gross Staff Writer This past week I sat down with Ms. Cabral, interviewing her on her departure from Latin, in questioning her on what she will miss, and the new opportunities that there will be for her in New York. After just two years at Latin, Ms. Cabral has decided to leave here to teach at the Master School in New York, because her husband got a job being a speaker at Columbia University. Ms. Cabral will definitely be missed, as her immense knowledge in mathematics and abstract teaching will be hard to replace. After just two years at Latin, Ms. Cabral reflected on how much she learned and how she will take these lessons with her to New York. Ms. Cabral loves Latin and “the fact that the kids appreciate being here, and listen to me, and appreciate my advice.” Ms. Cabral admires the students here, as she loves their drive and passion in how they go about work, something unique to Latin kids that she will definitely miss when she goes to teach at the Master School in New York. After asking her how the Master school will be a different experience than here at Latin, she said, “It will be a different kind of fun there.” She explains how it will be nice living close to her and her husband’s parents, but she will definitely miss living in the city. When looking back on her experience at Latin she expresses her main regret in “not being involved enough in the community.” At the Master School, she hopes to play a key role in the community, as she plans on coaching lacrosse and soccer. She also explained the importance of being part of the community and helping the community, in challenging the students to do so, as well. In contrast to her regrets at Latin, I wanted to know what she felt most proud of.  After pondering the question, she came to the answer of the abstract project she tried this year in her Honors Algebra II class. It is always important to try something new, as she “had never done something like this before.” While trying something new doesn’t always turn out to perfection, there can always be something learned for it as she said, “I have never tried something that different, as a full unit was a project. While it might not have been perfect, the class and I still learned a lot from it.” Lastly I asked Ms. Cabral to reflect on the overarching message she has taken away from teaching at Latin, and how she will apply that to her work in New York. From teaching at Latin, she not only learned the importance of a community, but also was able to appreciate the students’ hard work. Over her two years she noticed how “Latin very much values challenges the students,” and she has “learned a lot from teaching here.” Ms. Cabral, here’s my message to you: keep doing what you are doing and never be afraid to try something different! We will miss you here at Latin and wish you the best of look in New York. Thank you for all you’ve done here.]]>