On Personal Style

Jake Schlossberg Staff Writer As fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “dressing is a way of life.” Clothes can say things that people can’t, opening windows to understanding the way a person is feeling. Everyone has their own style, their own means of expression through clothes, but how does one compile the perfect wardrobe? That is the million-dollar question (even without spending a million dollars on a wardrobe). What does it take to find a set of garments that showcases your best traits, all while staying true to yourself? As teens, it’s safe to say that we are very impressionable. Clothing companies plaster bus stops, storefronts, and taxi cabs with what they want us buying and we, as consumers, buy exactly what they’re telling us to. But, for some, like Junior Margie Muller, the advertised trends aren’t satisfying. “I don’t like to define my style because I don’t like to be in a box,” Margie says. “There’s so much out there to try, why not experiment?” Mixing and matching different styles is one of the many joys of getting dressed in the morning. Who wants to look just like an advertisement? That takes the individuality out of style. Shawn Farshchi is famous at Latin for his sense of style, even inspiring a spirit week dress-up day. Not wanting to be seen as having a cookie-cutter style, Shawn creates innovative “combinations of shirts, hats, jeans, and shoes.” About his style, Shawn says, “I want people to see me as my own person who has a unique and interesting style.” Clothing is the best way to define one’s self. Your style is the first thing that people notice when you walk into a room, so it’s important to make a good first impression. And really, who doesn’t love the feeling we get when we know we look good? “When I’m wearing a great outfit, I’m incredibly confident,” Margie details. As someone who, “dress[es] every day like [she’s] going to do something incredible,” Margie, “just feel[s] amazing” when she’s put together. Of course, when putting yourself out there, there can always be difficulty getting the response that you want. Even with clothing, there are always critics. Meghna Patiath, a junior, rises above the “haters,” saying, “Their opinions will not change the way I dress or the way I feel about myself.” This confidence is not abnormal for a Latin student. Fortunately, we go to a school where students are very supportive, allowing us to make bold fashion choices. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, because they have their own fashion, too. That’s the beauty of it; everyone’s fashion sense is valid, because it’s what makes him or her feel comfortable and confident. That’s what it’s about at the end of the day. Fashion comes down to expressing yourself, creating a wardrobe that is so thoroughly you that nobody can argue with it. Take some chances; you never know what you could come up with.      ]]>