Dates by Cherika

Charlotte Collins and Erika Marcinek

Returning Guest Writers

We, Erika and Charlotte, would like to help out the Latin Community in the only way we know how-with the ladies/men.  We realize that unlike us, many of you may need a little help with the romance.  In a fit of charitable (cherikable?) emotions, we came up with a list of date ideas that we have found especially successful. – The 9th floor of the Marshall-Fields Building downtown: For our first one we have to give credit to Rachel Stone… we stole this entirely from her. The floor is abandoned, and has a lovely view of the city.  Avoid terrifying manikins and anyone who works there, because we’re still not sure if it’s allowed. -Lincoln Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens: Needless to say, the romance blossoms here almost as much as the flowers…just careful of love’s stings/the bees! -Peggy Notebart Museum: Prom? As long as you aren’t terrified of butterflies (Erika) or in love with any taxadermied animals (Charlotte), this isn’t a scary place to go. -Field Museum: As long as you don’t venture behind the scenes with Charlotte, the odds of you seeing something dead that you never wanted to see dead are pretty low. Gem room! -Millennium Park: An obvious choice for the urban couple, it has a lot to offer from the Buckingham fountain to the Bean.  Fair warning: Once what began as an innocent, worryingly late night picnic turned into a surreal encounter involving a self-proclaimed Abercrombie and Fitch model named Allen who was missing several teeth and spoke incredibly flawed Spanish for no apparent reason. -Second City Teen Ensemble: A shameless plug for Kristen’s improv company, the teen shows are conveniently close to Latin, 1 dollar, only slightly offensive, and hilarious. If you go, there is a 99% chance you will see us there, holding hands. -House of Fine Chocolates: Cherika goes here to eat their emotions (favorite pastime?) -Anne Sather’s: They give you free cinnabuns… if you look lonely enough. -Clark’s Diner: This 24 Diner seems to double as a night club after 11, serves what can only be described as baffling hot chocolate, and honestly could care less that you’re there, be that bad or good.  It’s a great place for late-night deep talks. -Senem’s Coffee and Tea House: This place is impossibly close to Charlotte’s house (figure out where she lives) and seems to revolve around a moon-cycle based schedule and a playlist created in 2006 for an 8th grade girl. It has very innovative coffee drinks, amazing oatmeal, super nice-baristas, and dangerously low ceilings. -Rock’s: Impossibly close to Erika’s house (yet again, where is she?), Charlotte routinely embarrasses herself here in ways which include but are not limited to spilling water everywhere, showing up dressed like an overweight hoarder, and encroaching on the domain of their plumbers.  Once Kristen forced Erika to participate in Game Night.  Despite this, it has very good food. -Long romantic walks anywhere: It’s a good way to avoid spending money on your loved one. On this note, we will leave you.  Go have fun and be safe… you have Cherika’s blessing!