Latin Street Style

Annie Schwab Staff Writer And now for the second installment of “Latin Street Style”: Finding an impeccably dressed individual among our student body was especially challenging this week.  Perhaps it’s the fourth quarter slump—a combination of carelessness and lack of sleep—that’s impeding upon students’ expression of style.  However, I was lucky enough to come upon dynamic duo Amanda Gallop (’13) and Tybie Geleerd (’13), each sporting a trendy (yet chic) spring outfit.  Because his flannel button-down complements her neon tank so perfectly, Ms. Gallop suggested Colin Nishi (’13) accompany her in her Street Style debut. Tybie sports earthy colors along with leather boots and a fringe scarf, a perfect look for the change of seasons.   Amanda and Colin mix various summery hues to welcome the warm weather.     Until next time,   Annie]]>