The Uncertain Future of Summer 2020


Emilia Rose, Staff Writer

Living through a worldwide pandemic makes it exceptionally challenging for students to plan upcoming events. As summer rapidly approaches, Latin students have all kinds of activities planned such as camp, traveling, music festivals, etc. However, the continuous growth of COVID-19 in the US is making students question whether or not these events will even take place and or if their summer could pan out very differently than expected.

Some students have lined up jobs for this summer. Sophomores Lily Harris and Marissa Isaacs are planning on working at Game On Camp. “The camp has already begun discussing with us what will happen if camp is no longer going to happen,” Lily says. “As of now, it is most likely that camp will not be in session this summer.” 

Junior Macy Krambeck has a different kind of job arranged for the break. “I work at Comer Children’s Hospital, and I need to reach a certain number of hours, which is why I would be working there a majority of the summer. I doubt they are going to let me into a hospital with all this going on,” Macy says. Medical facilities are not the most ideal place to be during a virus outbreak, as it is a major safety concern.

Not only will students’ jobs be affected by this pandemic, but so will the activities that make summer fun and relaxing such as travel, sports camps, and music festivals. Sophomore Remy Rigby planned an exciting outdoor trip for the summer. “I’m supposed to travel to Fiji this summer with Rustic Pathways at the end of June. However, because of the uncertainty with corona, I think my trip will end up getting cancelled,” Remy explains. As much of a disappointment this is for her, she mentions, “It is the only way to stop the spread of the virus, and the only way I will be able to live my life normally again.” 

Some use summer as an opportunity to hone their athletic skills. “I have a summer full of highly-intensive volleyball training, which might have to be cancelled,” says sophomore Alex Lindeman. “The worst part is the uncertainty of when I can get back to playing.” Sophomore Jonah Hart was looking forward to attending music festivals. “Lollapalooza and Summer Smash were what I was most looking forward to this summer, but the virus will probably hinder them,” Jonah says.

The uncertainty of when students can return to their normal, fulfilling lives is a recurring concern amongst Latin students. For many, school is the biggest change so far, but there will likely be more changes coming this summer.