No Gallery, No Problem: Join Emilio and Rob’s Zoom Reception on Thursday


Beatrice Parr

The Shelter-in-Place orders aren’t stopping seniors Emilio Alvarez and Rob Lynch from displaying their photography skills.

Their virtual exhibit was posted on Padlet yesterday, and the two will be hosting their artist reception over Zoom on Thursday, April 16th at 3:30 pm. The exhibit features Rob’s stunning photos of South African wildlife, and Emilio’s expressive city-and-landscapes from around the world.

Rob says, “I aimed for something that one would call ‘once in a lifetime,’ something incredibly difficult to capture, and needed that so called perfect moment.” He hopes that this online platform will allow him to share his work despite the difficult times. “The show is all I have to express this art to my fellow classmates and unfortunately, I won’t be there with any of them to enjoy it. This is the next best thing so having anyone check it out means the world to me.”

Emilio is eager to exhibit as well, and says, “I hope my photos inspire people to take photography and make art of their own. We need art now more than ever.”

Please contact Ms. Ross for the Meeting ID and password to join the Zoom call.