Romans Stay Productive at Home

Romans Stay Productive at Home

Phoebe Lembeck, Staff Writer

Here is a look into what a few students are doing to keep their minds busy, productive, and most importantly safe during the quarantine. 

Junior Charlotte O’Toole has spent some time doing bike deliveries for Postmates along with classmate Lily Prostic. Although restaurants have closed their doors due to the new COVID-19 pandemic regulations, takeout and delivery is still an option. “Lily was the one who had the idea to do it. We figured it was a good way to spend time outside and get exercise during quarantine and a way to keep busy. It’s super easy to apply, you basically just have to download the app and pass a background check,” says Charlotte. She shares more about the experience and how often she does it. “It’s actually really fun because I get to just ride around Chicago and make money. What’s cool about it is that you can choose to be ‘online’ and take orders whenever you want during the day, and go offline whenever you want. So far, I’ve only done 8 deliveries, but I just signed up a week ago.” The flexibility of the experience is a plus for her but she also shares some other thoughts and concerns as well.

Charlotte continues by mentioning, “I don’t make very much for the base fare, around $3.50 per order, so I rely on tips to really make money. A few people haven’t tipped me at all, while one person gave me a $12 tip, so you just have to hope you get lucky with which delivery you’re doing.” She shares some safety and health precautions that are an important part of the job to protect herself and others as well. “I have to be really careful when giving people their orders to make sure I don’t touch them. I’m also not allowed into any of the restaurants, so I have to wait outside for a worker to pass me the order.” In conclusion Charlotte says, “it’s a really great experience and has kept me busy and entertained.”

Three sophomores share what they have been doing to stay busy as well and how they have been socially distancing in a way that works for them. Emilia Rose says, “I’ve been going to play golf outside and have been going for runs and doing at home workouts to stay healthy.” She continues with, “I am being very careful about touching things around me.” Keely Moll shares that she has been cooking and baking a lot over the past few weeks. “It’s a great way to be productive and cook meals for your family and so far I have made healthy muffins, granola, carrot cake, pumpkin bread, soups, and meatballs.” She adds, “I play around with some recipes and customize them but with others I just get from the internet. I encourage others to try it out as well.” Sam Gibson shares that he did leave Chicago and road-tripped to Texas. “I’ve been feeding donkeys, a horse, and a cat that are owned by the ranch I’m staying at,” he says. 

Latin students have shown their patience and resilience through this time of uncertainty. Social distancing measures and staying home has been stressed by officials and medical experts which is important to respect and understand. But it’s also important to find ways to make it through this time with a healthy mind. Finding ways to stay busy and active are definitely a great tool to use to help you feel happier and motivated when staying at home.