Dean Hogan, The Legacy of a Great Educator

Jared Levin Editorials Editor “Teaching chooses you, you don’t choose teaching.” -Dean Hogan Every year the Latin  community watches as the senior class leaves a place that has become an integral part to the students’ lives.  Along with the graduating class, we say goodbye to an educator who, like the seniors, is moving on to a new school and leaving a place that is like home.  Dean Hogan is this educator. It seems destined that Dean Hogan chose a profession in education.  His father’s job as a Head of School for twenty five years impacted his relationship to education and was a large part of his life growing up. Surprisingly, Dean Hogan was the “rebel of the family” and because of this, many did not think that he would end up with a job similar to his father.  The idea of teaching truly became a possibility after he coached a high school basketball team.  He realized how well he worked with this age group, and because of this experience Dean Hogan became an educator. Teaching chose him, and all of the students at Latin are lucky that it did. Dean Hogan has been a member of the Latin family for eight years, and during this time he has served as the Dean to the Upper school students and a teacher in the History department. He has been at Latin during it’s smooth and turbulent times.  Out of all of his eight years at the school, Dean. Hogan says that he will miss the “collective experience” of the school.  He will miss “being able to engage with students on a daily basis”, such as “chilling with seniors on the senior couch.” Nikki Bank, a senior said, “Dean Hogan makes an effort to know the student body and truly cares about each individual student.”  Furthermore, Annie Scalambrino, a senior commented, ” He keeps up with what the students are thinking.  He is a great voice for the students and without him I wonder what the school will be like.” Many students agree with Annie in saying that Dean Hogan represents the student voice well. Some students are even worried that their voices will not be heard in the Upper School. The news of his departure was surprising to many students.  Laura Fisher, a senior who was also shocked, says, “I was really quite surprised when I found out that Dean Hogan was leaving.  It seemed to come out of nowhere.  From what I could tell, he loved his job and felt like he had a great community backing him up here.  I couldn’t think of any reason why he’d want to leave.”  So why is Dean Hogan leaving? Dean Hogan says that it is just “time to go,” and try something new.  He will continue to be a Dean of the Upper School at the Providence Day School in North Carolina.  He hopes to one day take on another administrative role as the Head of School, like his father. Dean Hogan has a large place in the Latin community and, as Nikki said, “his leaving will affect the school because he has been a presence for so long.”  We wish him luck on his future endeavors and want to let him know that he always has a home at Latin.]]>