Not So Wander-ful

Tina Czaplinska News Editor As a result of my avid viewer participation of the show Friends, I have developed quite the soft spot for the not-so-versatile-but-pretty actress Jennifer Aniston. I harmlessly went to go see her newest film, Wanderlust, expecting to find the former Rachel Green comfortably playing some ambiguously aged, successful, and not really satisfied woman in a relationship. Lo and behold, I was right. But as for everything else about that movie, much happened that I could never have even dreamed would occur. A married couple, played by Paul Rudd and our girl Jen, find themselves broke and in the city. They decide to road trip to Rudd’s brother’s house in hopes of starting anew. Long story short, things don’t really work out with the family, so Rudd and Aniston settle in an idyllic community they find on their journey. This community doesn’t believe in doors or violence, is completely vegan, and everyone in it is on drugs. The community’s leader, Seth (Justin Theroux), who seems to be the amalgamation of the body of Jesus and the mind of Hugh Hefner, not only promotes meditation but also believes in polygamy. From the immense concern about penguins with testicular cancer to stampedes of elderly nudists, this movie really kept me on the edge of my seat—debating whether or not I should leave. The plot started to particularly become murky when Rudd started fantasizing about life-sized flies in his bedroom. Thought ultimately an unforgettable movie (and I don’t know if this is a good thing), it lacked cohesion and any real flow, leaving me with the impression that the writers were trying just too hard. Creating characters who don’t believe in cutting the umbilical cord and who don’t leave each other alone when they’re on the toilet is just a little too progressive for me anyway. Despite this, I think Aniston handled herself very well. After all, I can’t really imagine Angelina in a poncho.]]>