A Look Back at Homecoming


Emilia Rose
With increased attendance at both the sporting events and the dance itself, many would call homecoming, held on October 5th, a success. Due to the free ticket price, the dance was far more accessible this year compared to previous year. Around 462 students entered the venue and only 425 were expected to show up. In previous years, the overall attendance was much less. Social Chair Joe Kennedy says, “I believe homecoming being free changed the question from why go to homecoming to why not go to homecoming?” 
Kennedy also believes that because student government was able to remove a factor that could prevent people from attending, people decided to come. Joe mentions that affordability has always been a goal of his, as well as the school’s. Since the free entry had such a positive impact on the dance, events such as winter ball and homecoming will hopefully be free in the years to come. This year, students have also expressed that the dance had a better energy and that they liked the space, City Hall LLC, because it was more spacious than last year’s.
Earlier in the day, four sports teams played at the Lincoln Park Turf Field for their homecoming matches. Sadly, both varsity field hockey and varsity boys soccer were defeated by Parker. Fortunately, both JV boys soccer and girls field hockey asserted their dominance and beat Parker! Sophomore Zoe Weiss, a member of the JV girls field hockey team, said, “that game made us a stronger team because we had to step up our energy in the last few minutes as we were losing.” What a comeback by the Romans!
Sophomore and JV soccer player Gavin Snyder reflects on the game as “one of the best games we have played this season, and that it was fun to beat our rival school with a large crowd.” The amount of Latin students that came out to show school spirit was allowed the players to feel the energy and support. 
Homecoming’s increased turnout signifies that the Latin community is continuing to showcase more school pride at social events. The weekend was exciting, energized, and one to remember!