Teacher Wins Big on Cash Cab

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor Imagine stepping unsuspectingly into a cab, disco lights begin to flash and your dream of achieving TV stardom finally comes true—all while having the opportunity to make money. If you haven’t heard of “Cash Cab,” it’s a fun spin on your regular game show. Random people intending on taking a cab ride unexpectedly enter the “Cash Cab” and become contestants on the show. Mrs. Finch, a middle-school coach, and eighth grade dean, recently had the experience to be that “random” passenger. She didn’t know she was going to be on the show until the middle-school field hockey coaches,  did trivia about a month before, when [they] went for dinner…Producers said [they] did well and may be called for a travel show in Chicago.” The deal: the Cash Cab asks you questions on the way to your destination. As the ride progresses, the questions get harder, but the amount of money you can earn increases from 25$ per question to 100$. Every correct answers wins you the money, every wrong answer means you get a strike. Three strikes and you’re out, left on the sidewalk, even if you haven’t reached your destination! However, you can get help, whether it’s phoning a friend, or using your “shout-out” and trusting a stranger on the street to keep you in the cab. If you arrive at your destination without having three strikes you have the chance for a double-or- nothing question. When money is the prize for answering correctly, the unassuming passengers undoubtedly feel pressure.  Mrs. Finch felt no different, adding, “ it was a blast, but very nerve wracking. We got two strikes so the pressure was definitely on.” Two strikes meant answering every question correctly was crucial, and while the coaches knew the answer to their next question they had to play on the safe side, with all the money they earned at stake, so Mrs. Finch said, “ we phoned a friend to confirm an answer I was pretty sure of. Thanks to twenty years on the Washington D.C. trip!” Impressively, the three coaches held on to their last strike, making it in the Cash Cab all the way to their destination. Even more stressful was the most important question, double-or-nothing, which for the coaches was “a question regarding Carlsbad Cavern.” Through probably one of the most entertaining, mind wrenching, and fun cab-rides the coaches have ever had, the best part Mrs. Finch said, “was winning the double down question! I watch the show and hate it when people don’t go for it, so I was glad we did.” So, the next time you take a cab home, to school, or to a friend’s house remember to always be prepared for some trivia questions and take the double down risk! For footage of the episode click below: Part I Part II]]>