Lending a Helping Hand: Talent Show for Japan

Jared Levin News Editor Latin School students are full of talent.  That is a given.  Latin School students are full of passion.  That is also a given.  And finally, Latin School students help out those in need.  Going along with the Latin way, Paul Hinkes, along with other Latin Students, have set up a charity talent show to aid relief in Japan. Last month an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, and if the countless lives lost and vast amount of damage wasn’t tragic enough, there have been after-effects that are harming people still living there. The earthquake caused severe damage to buildings, over 2,500 houses collapsed and an additional 2,500 damaged. This damage resulted in the loss of water and electricity to millions of people, which left them in dire, life-threatening situations. Acting along with Latin spirit, Paul Hinkes, along with others, are heading a charity talent show to help the situation in Japan.  All money from the event will be donated to the red cross, who will distribute the money to areas of need in Japan. Last year, the talent show for Haiti raised an impressive $2,500.  This year, according to Paul, he plans to raise “3,000” for Japan. Junior Taylor Pedicone, a leader of the talent show, commented on the latter by saying, “We had great success with the talent show for Haiti, and I hope that everyone will enjoy this one as well.”  In order to achieve that same success, there is an extremely reasonable entrance fee of 5$ for students and $10 for adults.  However, a majority of money will come from donations.  The good thing about donations is that any amount of money will help.  Whether it is one hundred dollars, or one cent, all will go to Japan and will help attain the goal of $3,000. Not only is the event a good cause, but attending the show will also be fun, and a great way of spending a Thursday night.  The show will consist of around ten to fifteen acts.  The infamous Bridgett Hennessy, David Marshall, and Kara Bank will judge these acts.  Paul said that there is also “another student judge” who is “undecided as of now.” Even though the entire list of acts is not publicized yet, front-runners have started to emerge. According to Paul the current front-runners include Drita and “The Barbershop Trio.” Rumor has it that acts such as Glee and a dance performance by Rachel Stone have the potential to pull an upset.  Come see how it all plays out, while helping relief efforts in Japan, Thursday April 21st at 7pm.]]>