Spring’s Arrival Marks a Change at Latin

Taylor Pedicone Staff Writer It’s that time of year again! The time when students gather on the outside steps at the end of the day, instead of in the vestibule. Yes, it’s spring!  With the fourth quarter just beginning, Latin students are gearing up for warm weather.  The scents of rain and blooms fill the Chicago air, and kids are starting to feel spring fever.  Project week and break are fast approaching with lots to look forward to after they pass. Junior, Lizzie Guynn, is excited for “running outside in the warm weather and track meets where you don’t have to wear Under Armour!”  Many other girls in the junior lounge joined Lizzie as they added, “Now we get to wear skirts and sandals!”.  Girls and guys have even been heading to the weight room more often, trying to get in shape for summer!  Senior, Ella Glasser, is looking forward to, “all the fun events coming up soon: project week, my birthday, the Best Buddies dance, the Roots and Shoot’s dirt worm dessert sale on Earth Day, prom, graduation, etc.  I’m excited to finish my time at Latin strong!”  Paul Hinkes, another senior, added that he just wants to “get through APs: hello graduation!”  Seniors are anxious to hear back from colleges and excited to be finished. Juniors are just starting the college process, but still happy about the coming months, and sophomores and freshman are thrilled about the warm weather!  It seems that both teachers and students are all smiles as Chicago turns the page on winter.]]>