New Music On the Block: Crash Hero

Jared Levin Editorials Editor Latin School’s favorite band, Crash Hero, just released their first album titled “Let’s Ask The Hippie Kid.” The album offers some of Crash Hero’s greatest songs including, a personal favorite, “Luxembourg.”  The album is a perfect mix of rock and ‘jam’ music.  On top of that, two Latin School students are in the band.  The band’s bass player and vocalist, Jack Simborg, along with the band’s lead guitar player, Spencer Ebach, show off their talents with pleasing guitar and bass solos.  According to Spencer, the band that influenced them the most is “Brian Jonestown Massacre.”  Crash Hero has played at impressive venues including The Beat Kitchen and Subterranean.  In February the band is scheduled to play a gig at the Metro. If you want to check out the band more, become a “fan” on their Facebook page.  The C.D. costs $5. Please see Spencer of Jack if you want to by one!]]>