Rumors about Rumors

[/caption] Nick Lehmann News Editor It’s been two weeks since the Advanced Acting Company put on a production of Neil Simon’s Rumors, and the halls at Latin are still filled with conversation about the show. Libby Borders, a senior, has seen many productions at Latin and notes, “Rumors was unlike any show I’ve seen at Latin. It was hilarious and appealed to a whole range of audiences. I was extremely impressed; everyone in the cast had so much talent.” Mr. Baer, the director of the show, has directed many different types of shows at Latin, but never an all-out comedy. It was a challenge, but with such a humor-filled group of students, the production was a success and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The student’s were cast in the beginning of the summer and began working everyday in class once the school year commenced. Taylor Pedicone, a junior and member of the cast adds, “We rehearsed everyday during class, and after the fall play ended, we began rehearsals after school. It was a blast to be able to work on this show, and I learned so much from my experience. Everyone in the cast was so close, which really helped make this ensemble show stronger.” The entire cast was more than happy with their performance and the students at Latin seemed to love the show. While all-out comedies may seem like the best new option for Latin theatre, it is extremely difficult to pull off one of these productions and be as successful as this cast was with Rumors. Different types of shows are important to the dynamic of theatre, and Latin shows exemplify this. Keeping this in mind, the winter musical, The Sound of Music, is just beginning rehearsals to prepare for the show, which will be performed on February 9th-11th. Be on the lookout for this production; it seems likely that it will be just as successful as the last!]]>