It's Those Lines!

Jared Levin Editorials Editor Time sure is money, and in the cafeteria, the increased waiting time for food may be causing it to lose some business. During a typical lunch period, lines are long, and students are eager to eat. A common solution to this problem is forgetting about your lunchcard and heading straight to the local food outlets, where food is served quicker. Brittney Kraff, a junior, says, “When you walk into the lunch room, and you see the line rapping around the corner, it’s just quicker to grab a bite at Potash.” Additionally to Potash, students have been found dining at Elly’s, Tiperos, Bacci’s Pizzeria, Fresh Choice, McDonalds, and Chipotle. The money that students would have spent at the school’s cafeteria is now being taken elsewhere. The problem is not the quality of the food itself.  Many students enjoy the food, and believe it is a step up from last year.  A fan favorite is the new pasta bar.  Ashley Henderson states: “I really enjoy the ‘make your own pasta’ because it’s quite tasty! There is a new kind of pasta everyday!” The only problem is really the long lines. But, that’s not all. In addition to causing a loss of customers, the long lines are negatively impacting classrooms, too. Kate Bowker, a junior says, “Students want to get to lunch as early as they can in order to beat the lines.” Students have even been known to ask teachers to end classes early and have even been caught lying to teachers in order to beat the lines. Sloan Thomas, junior, comments, “I have been in classes where students have lied to their teachers to leave early so that they could beat the lunch crowd.” There are obvious problems in the cafeteria, especially when students have been found lying to their teachers to get food earlier.  Catherine Tyree, junior, says,  “The problems in the cafeteria are that it is too small, there are not enough quick food options, and there are not enough cashier stations.” Catherine admits that she is also one of the people who go to Starbucks and Potash when the lines are too long.  When asked if she would stop going to those restaurants if the lines were more efficient, she says, “Yes, but I would still would need get my apple cider fix from Starbucks in the winter!”]]>