Copper: The New Canvas

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor As many of you may have noticed, a new exhibit of Joan Holleb is up in gallery two. However, this exhibit is very different to those that we have had in the past because all the works displayed were made on sheets of copper. Joan Holleb starts her three-dimensional works by shaping the copper into a shape that appeals to her. She bends, folds, crimps and sometimes is said to have even driven over the sheets of copper with her car. Once the copper sheet has been artistically distorted, Joan Holleb begins by pouring a patina solution (a chemical process that alters the surface of a metal leaving a colored compound adhered to the metal) over the bent section of the copper sheet, allowing it to run and spread over the rest of the sheet. More often than not, what is created by the spreading of the patina influences the direction of her work. As the work continues to develop, images of nature and a combination of references to art history and Holleb’s observations begin to form on the copper. Through her process, Holleb creates pieces of art that appear to be screenshots of moments in time. Not only has Joan Holleb’s work delved into a unique artistic style and process, it has sparked interest in Latin art students. Sydney Bell, a sophomore who is currently taking painting studio suggested, “the exhibit is different from what we have had before. I have never seen an exhibition of work made on copper! It might be fun if we could do a painting project at Latin where we try painting on copper!” Look forward to even more interesting exhibits from Addington Gallery that are coming soon (and maybe, even a new exhibit of Latin students work on copper).]]>