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Alice Bolandhemat is a senior at Latin and is currently serving her second term as Editor-in-Chief. She joined The Forum on the first week of her freshman year and has consistently written ever since. Her repertoire ranges from Latin-centric features to national news to editorials.  When she is not writing, baking, or photographing her dog, Alice shamelessly spends hours reading through The Forum archives, gathering inspiration from the writing styles of her predecessors. Journalism allows Alice to tell the stories of her peers, and she is eternally grateful for the sense of community that The Forum has provided her with. She is excited to continue to grow The Forum in her final year at Latin.





Peter Jones is a junior at Latin and is ecstatic to be serving as Editor-In-Chief for his first year. He has covered a wide variety of topics for The Forum, from Brexit to metal straws to the Student-Faculty Chorale. Peter feels the primary responsibility of The Forum is a firm commitment to telling the true story of Latin, in its unpolished, organic state. He is forever grateful that Latin has a space like The Forum for students’ opinions to be listened to – not just heard. In his free time, he plays baseball, cycles, and, of course, he loves to write.





Bea Parr is a junior at Latin and is very excited to be serving as one of The Forum’s Editors-in-Chief this year. In her articles, she has covered a variety of topics, from U.S. political issues to events in the Latin school community, and hopes to cover many more. Bea loves how The Forum connects students with different ideas, stories, and beliefs through writing, and is looking forward to seeing it grow this year. When she isn’t writing or editing, Bea spends her time running, creating art, and visiting new places. She loves hearing the stories and experiences of new people that she meets, and believes that journalism is one of the best ways to share these stories and promote understanding around the world.






Robert Igbokwe is a junior at Latin and is very excited to start his first year as an Editor-in-Chief for the Forum. He joined the Forum freshman year and immediately fell in love with journalism. He’s written several articles for the Forum on topics ranging from local issues to national and international controversies. Robert has always believed that the duty of a journalist is to bring stories—especially those that are often dismissed—to the table and is grateful that he gets to play a role in sharing the experiences of others. Aside from writing, Robert loves reading, drawing, dancing, meeting new people, and trying to cook. Robert cannot wait to help the Forum grow during his first year on the Editorial Staff.



Managing Editors

Tejas Vadali

Tejas Vadali is eager to begin his first year as managing editor. His favorite topics to write about are sports and current events, and he especially enjoyed authoring last year’s “Year in Review.” He is very interested in history as well as the Latin language, and is currently serving as Junior Prefect. In his free time, Tejas loves to watch sports, read books, and spend time with his dogs.

I’deyah Ricketts

I’deyah Ricketts, a senior, is looking forward to serving as a Managing Editor this year. She’s been writing for the Forum since freshman year, with her articles ranging from the Latin in Rwanda to Project Week to Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing. The Forum allows I’deyah to have a creative outlet outside of her everyday classes; she can cover current events and take risks with her voice. When she’s not writing, I’deyah also enjoys baking, dancing, playing softball, or watching Grey’s Anatomy.


Digital Media Editor


Paige Hosbein

Paige, a senior, will be serving as Social Media Editor for the first time. A self-proclaimed “news junkie,” Paige loves The Forum because, to her, it embodies the little girl’s dream that journalism can make people laugh and smile while still promoting positive change. In her time as a staff writer, she wrote over twenty-five articles, and is incredibly grateful for this publication, a space in which she can express her ideas and inform the Latin community.

Staff Writers

Ashna Satpathy ‘21

Ashna has been writing for The Forum since freshman year, and it remains one of her favorite activities. She also enjoys working out, making art, theatre, reading, and watching movies. She writes articles in various categories—from international news coverage to issues pertaining to Latin.


McKenna Fellows ‘22

McKenna Fellows is a sophomore at the Latin School. She is an avid reader and writer. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and spending time with friends and family. This is her second year writing for the Forum, and she hopes to continue to do so throughout her high school career.


Vivi Kaufman ‘21

Vivi Kaufman is a junior at Latin. She likes to dance and write creative stories, and she plays water polo in the spring. This is her first year writing for the forum, and she enjoys writing on topics relating to political justice.

Emilia Rose ’22

Phoebe Lembeck ’22

Eli Aronson ’21

Jessica Flohr ’20

Hannah Davis ’20

Nina Burik ’22

Marin Creamer ’22

Charlie Williams ’22

Jay Doherty ’22

Angela Gil ’21


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