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May 2, 2018

every student because there are [typically] only a few leaders in every group. That’s not to say everyone can’t be a leader in their own right, but you are more likely to be leading in situations where you feel confid...

Mr. Cruz’s Editorial: What it’s Like to be in a Real LockDown

April 18, 2018

Mr. Cruz “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your principal speaking.” I looked at the clock and wondered what would cause our principal to get on the PA in the middle of class.  The battle over instructional int...

An Anonymous Letter to the Latin Community

April 18, 2018

Anonymous  Dear Students and Faculty at The Latin School of Chicago: Despite what you may think by the way I look, I am a Cuban girl. Though I am only 50% cuban, Latina culture is the primary culture celebrated by my family....

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