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The Argument for Voting

Jay Doherty, Staff Writer At Latin, there are many politically interested students who have a variety of different motives when it comes to discussion around public affairs. While many freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are politically informed, few of them actually have the opportunity to exert direct influence over the polls in… Keep Reading

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Are Advanced Placement Tests a Scam?

Jessica Flohr, Staff Writer  The month of May can be a chaotic time. As the end of school approaches, teachers load on quizzes and tests and projects while students count down the days until summer. However, May is more than just a month of regular school work. For many juniors and… Keep Reading

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The Consequences of Latin’s Small Size

Peter Jones, co-Editor With each edition, editors of The Forum try to bring a variety of news articles on Latin-centric topics, but oftentimes, “news” at our school becomes common knowledge within minutes. This consequence of Latin’s small, tightly knit community is only one of several, though. From athletics to social dynamics,… Keep Reading

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Would Women be Drafted?

McKenna Fellows, Staff Writer History has dictated that women be excluded from military drafts as a result of job limitations within the service. However, considering the great steps the United States has taken over the past decades, a new question has been raised regarding a woman’s right to serve, and it… Keep Reading

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Air Guitar Performance Raises Concerns About Community Time

Alice Bolandhemat, co-Editor-in-Chief Two to three times per cycle, upper school students and faculty pack the Wrigley theatre during community time, often to hear speakers, presentations, or performances. But on November 26th, during Latin’s annual Thanksgiving assembly, the Latin community saw a very different style of performance. Eight senior boys… Keep Reading

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