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The Peculiar Subjectivity of ‘Identity’

"Out of all the possible combinations for an inter-racial couple, my parents have the most ironic mix in terms of American history: white and black; yang and yin; light and dark; day and night; sun and moon; ice and fire. To 19th century Americans, we would be a cursed family, in more ways than one." Keep Reading

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Selling Myself Short

"It wasn’t until there was a tangible cost to my self-deprecation that I realized my definition of humility was too wide. Humility, to me, meant underselling myself just enough and being very careful not to overestimate my performance." Keep Reading

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Actually, Yes, Everything Is About My Hair

"while the rest of the girls / none of whom look like me / are packed into this humid too-tight dressing room / and don’t need their mom’s help / since they can easily drag a brush / or straightening iron / or curler / through their pin-straight silky hair / and tie it up into the kind of picture-perfect ballet bun / fit for Anna Pavlova’s head / but none of their instruments are my friends" Keep Reading

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My Summer Home

"All the way home, I cried in the car, begging my father to buy me UGGs. In reality, I was begging him to buy a way for me to feel less alone." Keep Reading

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Out Loud

“There’s good security,” one of them says. But I’m anxious. I think there’s an inside job with the security, that they’re coordinating a lock-in through the wires in their ears, that they used their façade to infiltrate our place of worship and execute their plan to kill us. The receptionist laughs with the janitor, and I think they’re in on it, too. Keep Reading

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