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A Newsletter from MFOL

"As a chapter of MFOL, our mission statement is to facilitate conversations about guns and safety; to endeavor to raise awareness about gun violence in Chicago." Keep Reading

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Queeries: Question 1

Welcome to Queeries, the Gender and Sexuality Minorities Affinity Group’s (GSM) public question-answering forum. Keep Reading

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The Peculiar Subjectivity of ‘Identity’

"Out of all the possible combinations for an inter-racial couple, my parents have the most ironic mix in terms of American history: white and black; yang and yin; light and dark; day and night; sun and moon; ice and fire. To 19th century Americans, we would be a cursed family, in more ways than one." Keep Reading

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Selling Myself Short

"It wasn’t until there was a tangible cost to my self-deprecation that I realized my definition of humility was too wide. Humility, to me, meant underselling myself just enough and being very careful not to overestimate my performance." Keep Reading

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