Overheard @ Latin

Nina Burik and Lucy Mitchell Have you ever walked through the hallways of the Latin Upper school and overheard something particularly strange? Funny? Kind? Below is a new collection of overheard quotes from the halls of our very own high school. Enjoy, and feel free to send your own overheard quotes to [email protected] and [email protected] Student #1: “I ate way too many goldfish earlier.” Student #2: “Yeah I know, I was watching you and I knew you’d regret it.” Student #1: “Yeah well they were on my seat and my mouth was bored. What was I supposed to do?” Student: *Hasn’t used snapchat in three weeks* Student: “I’m basically Amish now.” Student #1: “I’m swole.” Student #2: “Dude, look at your legs.” Student #3: “Hey, I’m wearing skinny jeans. They’re slimming!” Student: “It’s been such a long month.” Teacher: “It’s the fifth.” Student: “…Oh my god.” ]]>