Lincoln Schatz Speaks to Students about Art and Violence

Hedy Gutfreund Staff Writer When thinking of the word “portrait,” very few people think of a person sitting in a cube-like structure being videotaped. Lincoln Schatz is one of those very few people. On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, Latin alumnus Schatz visited the school to talk about his artwork and his work against gun violence in his project “Cureviolence.” His artwork involves a video program that randomly cuts clips together to create a video portrait. His work against gun violence uses a similar technique, with people speaking about personal stories about gun violence cut together to make something cohesive. Schatz had previously spoken to the current juniors, using almost the exact same presentation, on which Justin Kaplan remarks, “I think his work with stopping gun violence was inspirational; it was just annoying as a junior having to hear him twice. But, I would have liked to hear more about how he got to such a high status photographer, instead of him just listing his biggest projects.” Freshman Pilar Neumann, however, had no complaints about Schatz’s presentation, expressing, “I enjoyed hearing from the artist last week because it really showed everyone that art isn’t just a drawing or a sculpture, but something you can really make your own.” For more information, check out to see Schatz’s work against gun violence or to see more of his artwork.]]>