Snacks With Mack: Best Burger in Wicker Park

MacKenzie Guynn Welcome back, snackers. Congratulations to everyone for making it through first quarter, and congratulations to any seniors who submitted November first college applications. (Phew.) But onto more important things: my favorite burger in Wicker Park. My family and I have scoured the city for the best burger, meticulously grading the crispiness of each fry, the diversity of each condiment bar, and the tenderness of each burger. After that search, I’ve concluded that Small Cheval has the best burger in Wicker Park. Since its initial opening on Milwaukee Avenue, however, the branch has expanded to four locations. Two new locations are in River North and the third is right by school on Wells. Three of the four locations have the original, retro ambiance; there is outdoor seating, shared tables, an open kitchen allowing patrons to see and smell the burgers as they are made. The stripped-down menu, with its simple three items clearly displayed, is painted on the wall at all locations. The burger at each location is the same. It comes with two patties, pickles, dijonnaise, and chopped onions, but you can add any combination of tomato, lettuce, or bacon if you so choose. They are also accommodating if you are picky or specific with what is on your burgers. Then, they have golden fries. The fries at the original joint in Wicker Park are rustic and hand-cut; the fries at the Wells location are akin to McDonald’s. Both are mouth-watering, especially when eaten with the garlic aioli and Sir Kensington ketchup supplied by the condiments bar (they also have Heinz, don’t fret). For refreshments, they have some delightfully thick chocolate and vanilla shakes and the classic sodas.   So, next time you’re in the mood for a quick burger and Shake Shack just won’t cut it, stop into Small Cheval — it’s the perfect mix of gourmet and fast food. (Plus, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, those delectable burgers are also delivered by Caviar.)]]>