Athlete of the Issue: Remy Rigby’s Varsity Volleyball Debut


McKenna Fellows Remy Rigby’s varsity volleyball career extends far further than freshman year at Latin. In fact, she owes much of her success in the sport to the hours of work dedicated both to her house league at her middle school, FXW, and her Wildcat Juniors travel team, on which she was a committed and active member. Entering Latin as a new freshman, Remy had her heart set on making the varsity team— a lofty goal for any underclassman. However, from the moment she set foot on the court, it was apparent that she had come to play. Her efforts during tryouts didn’t go unnoticed, and they ultimately earned her a coveted spot on the Romans’ Varsity Volleyball Team. Even through the excitement of her achievement, Remy remained modest and determined to begin the season strong. Admittedly, she was anxious about joining the many esteemed players whom she would soon call her teammates, and wondered whether or not her role on the squad would be valued. “Despite my eagerness to begin the season, I was honestly pretty nervous about what the girls would think of me as the only freshman on varsity. I feared they would see my role as ‘less than,’ or that I wouldn’t be included in things that teams normally do together,” she said. To her delight, however, her uneasiness was immediately extinguished, as the team welcomed her and her talent with great enthusiasm. They were glad to have yet another qualified member to lead the Romans to success. Together, the team practiced everyday for nearly three weeks to prepare for the months ahead, and, by the end of preseason, a sisterhood had formed. Remy says, “I’ve learned to be an even better player by forming strong relationships with the girls I compete with. They are not only teammates, but my mentors. I look up to them, and it’s great to know that they have my back and I have theirs.” This holds true in every aspect of the game, and at the end of the day, it’s what makes volleyball such a classic sport. In addition to the immense support that comes with competing at a varsity level, each player is also held to an infinitely higher standard of playing. Being the youngest on the team, and often on the court, it is even more essential that Remy push her skills to their limits with the help of her coaches and fellow athletes. During games, this is especially critical, as she is challenged to “constantly look for  open pockets by viewing the court in ways that create scoring opportunities.” Certainly, volleyball would never have attained such popularity without its element of pure fun. “My team has taught me to be as loud as possible, to run down every single ball, and, more importantly, that pump-up music is a necessity to good practices and better games,” Remy says. As she looks to the future, Remy plans on “contributing to the group by being a team player.” She says, “Cheering on your team is probably one of the best and most crucial things you can do when playing a sport like volleyball. Even from the sidelines, encouraging those on the court creates an atmosphere of strength and power, where everyone is committed to reaching a common goal.” Principles such as these are what Remy hopes to apply to the years ahead, as she gains seniority and eventually becomes a mentor to girls in the position she is in now. With all facets of the game in mind, Remy not only wishes success upon her team, but also hopes to become a role model for aspiring athletes at Latin. To her, volleyball is a passion that she plans to pursue throughout her high school career, and potentially at a collegiate level. The love and respect she has for the sport is infectious, and is consistently observed by her coaches and teammates. Most of all, Remy embodies the outstanding spirit of a Latin Roman— a trait that can only take her great places as she embarks on her high school experience.]]>